Bellcate Students returned from break to discover that our small animal friends had been relocated to a new and improved Zoo. Tux and Tie (rabbits) and Coco and Mini Coco (Guinea pigs) have all settled into their new homes. The small animal zoo has been a popular animal care opportunity for students at Bellcate School for a number of years. “Often times a small, quiet and calm emotional support animal is just what the doctor ordered,” reflects School Director, Jesse Bell. Bellcate small animals are well socialized and enjoy time with our students and are comfortable with handling. Small animals are an ideal introduction to developing strong relationships with animals. They are a great alternative for students who may have developed fear around dogs or larger farm animals. Our small animals assist students with therapeutic goals and provide educational opportunities as well as life skills and transferable job skills. Our new Zoo was designed based on the whimsical inspiration of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. The new Zoo has an Aviary (bird habitat) as an additional element. Bellcate students are currently in the process of researching bird species that are a good match for our Aviary, community and needs. It is important for our students to learn the multiple steps and considerations involved in selecting a pet. So, the next time you are at Bellcate School please drop by our Zoo to say hello to our furry little friends. And a big thank you to Roger for your creative construction. You always find a way to manifest our out of the box ideas.
We appreciate you!


  • Dimi, Parent

    “Bellcate is a therapeutic school using a very specific data driven model of care, implemented by extremely creative, intelligent and caring people. Bellcate saved my family – not only serving my son, but seeing my son as part of a family that needed support. They did not apply a “cookie cutter” method to us. Jesse… Read more »

    ~ Dimi