Essentially Bellcate is a new course offering taught by Kara Kitchen-Glodgett. In this class, students develop products in our lab to meet the self-regulation needs of Calming, Alerting and Grounding (essential oil toothpicks, putty, sprayers, inhalers, lollipops, cough drops, etc) The Essentially Bellcate lab is a great compliment to the self-regulation strategies that students are learning in Brain Science. This psycho-education plays a critical role in students developing greater self-awareness about the quality of their own dis regulation when in distress and how to address it. Students learn to identify and utilize essential oils in crafting products to support effective self-regulation. The products provide sensory input that aligns with regulation needs through smell, taste and touch senses. Students are empowered when they learn, recognize, create and use tools that support their own regulation and wellness. Essentially Bellcate Lab students also package, label and distribute sensory products to their peers and families that allows them to play a role in the health of our larger community. This lab also works collaboratively with our oil chemistry classes where students are harvesting, distilling and blending our own essential oils. This pilot program has already demonstrated tremendous buy in from students and significant value in meeting the continuum of needs within our community. Essentially Bellcate students will continue to research, develop and expand their products with the end goal of developing a small startup business.