Bellcate School is a therapeutic community that exists to support young people on their journey towards creating meaningful and positive change. As a service oriented organization we often focus our attention on the needs of others. At the same time there is great value in attending and attuning to our own physical and mental health needs in the spirit of serving others as well as in the service of taking care of ourselves beyond the impact of our work. Bellcate Staff are also parents, siblings, sons and daughters, coaches, partners, musicians, artists, athletes, friends, and much more. We also all walk a personal path in this world and we owe it to ourselves to walk each step on a foundation of health and wellness. Bellcate School is committed to supporting all of these intentions.

At the start of the 2018/19 school year Bellcate School is providing to our staff a comprehensive health and wellness program. The benefits are significant for our staff and students and the communities we are a part of. The following highlights capture some of the benefits of an organization supported, on site health and wellness program.

  • Reduce health risks at work and at home
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Improve productivity at work, at home and in the community
  • Improve positive thinking, self-regulation and morale across settings
  • Improve energy levels everywhere
  • Increase personal, public and job safety
  • Improve comradery and teaming effectiveness across settings
  • Improve therapeutic relationships with students
  • Improve classroom engagement and management
  • Improve credibility and leadership
  • Improve overall quality of life

Bellcate School is collaborating with Concept Move to design, implement and monitor highly individualized health and wellness packages as a long-term benefit for Bellcate staff. Concept Move’s corporate wellness program includes remote personal training, nutrition plans, discounted gym memberships, initial questionnaire and goals identification, on site individual health assessment, on site quarterly benchmark evaluations, on site educational presentations and classes. Further, Concept Move is excited to work with the individual and cultural needs of our school to directly embed this health and wellness programming into the fabric of our daily schedule. This is not a fad, a new year’s resolution, a fit bit, a gym membership that will gather dust in our wallet. This is not a daunting life style change that we have to find time to work into our already busy daily lives. Bellcate School is committed to staff health and is making this happen as a part of our workday.

This is an inspiring time for our community. With a diversity of new students and staff coming on board and with the expansion of our facilities, this is the perfect time to embrace a new paradigm that supports greater health and wellness. JUST DO IT!