After a long fall of practices, the Bellcate Bulldog Track Team took to Champlain Valley Union High School for the Special Olympic Fall Games (October 20/21).  The team of Marcus, Marissa, Kade, Alex, and Daniel competed in events such as the 50 meter run, 100 meter run, 200 meter run, softball throw, shot put, and the long jump.  The action started on Saturday with the field portion of the games.
Kade and Marissa were first up for the Bulldogs.  Competing in the same softball throw division, Marissa took home the bronze medal, while kade finished right behind her in 4th!  “Both Marissa and Kade really stepped up in the softball throw.” said coach Jamie afterward.  “The Red Sox could use arms like those two in their outfield!”  He added.

Marcus was next up for the Bulldogs at the shot put pit.  Marcus, making his first Special O Track appearance, showed no signs of nerves by finishing 4th in the top shot put division.  “He really performed well for his first ever shot put competition.”  said coach Matt.  “I’m pretty sure his grunts echoed throughout Hinesburg. Aaron Masi would have been impressed,” Matt added.
Last but not least, Alex was the last Bellcate athlete to perform on Saturday in the long jump.  Alex, alongside Bellcate D4 long jump star, Keith, shook off any nerves he had by jumping his way to a bronze medal in the top long jump division.  “He turned a lot of heads out there today, “ said Coach Liam.  “In a couple years he will have a real shot of being a real threat to win, not only gold here at Special O, but at the state level as a member of the Bellcate D 4 Track Team.”

Sunday approached and brought some brutal weather to the games.  The Bulldog team did not let the weather bother them, except for maybe coach Jamie, who could not shake the frigid weather!  “It was a cold day out there” said Jamie.  “The kids did an amazing job of persevering and not letting the cold affect them.” Joining the Bulldogs on Sunday, was one of the most decorated special O Bulldog athletes of all time, Daniel.  Competing in the 50 meter race, Daniel took off with a fury and took home the gold medal for the second straight year.  Later in the day, Daniel took to the track for one last race, the 100 meter.  Daniel competed in a very competitive heat, and took silver medal.  “Daniel had a great day today” said Coach Eyob.  “I could tell from the moment we started warming up that D was focused and ready to go.”  He added.

Kade and Marissa, running in the same heat for the 200 meter race, dazzled the crowd lined up along the fence.  Marissa finished in third earning her second medal of the games!  Kade, who had several family members in the crowd to watch him, left everyone in disbelief after he crossed the finish line.  Kade beat his previous 200 meter personal best time by more than 5 seconds and took gold decisively.  While giving his gold medalist son a hug, Forrest voiced “Holy smokes Kade, that was fast!  Great job Kade!” Marcus and Alex also took to the track on Sunday.  Marcus, running in the top divisions for the 100 meter and 200 meter races, took 4th place in both.  Alex, coming off his bronze medal in the long jump the day before, took the bronze medal in the 200!

Way to go Bellcate! Congrats to all the athletes who participated in this year’s fall games!


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