Bellcate School had the great privilege of hosting a number of youth interns this summer. This initiative started several years ago and continues to bring refreshing energy and perspective to our students and culture. Our youth staff were able to support a number of community-based opportunities to include dance and theater camps. They also assisted our students with PSAT prep and summer academic support. And finally, the youth staff brought a high level of enthusiasm and leadership to our athletic and vocational training programs.

They all actively participated in a Friday seminar to learn about the fields of mental health, developmental services, and special education. “I was so inspired by the great curiosity and collaborative teaming demonstrated this year by our youth interns and staff,” explained Alex Rocheleau, Bellcate’s Transition Director, “I have the privilege of supervising these youth and every summer i am reminded of the significant value of the role they play.”

So…Thank You Jack, Taylor, Ashel, Kayla, Sean, Sean, Harrison, Josh, Deng, Zach, and Sam! We will you well and look forward to seeing you again next summer.


  • Loren, Parent

    “Bellcate School is Amazing. They will find the positive in every student and work off of that. There is So much support in tough situations and they have experienced all kinds of things. Bellcate makes it about the student and not the school.”

    ~ Loren