Bellcate students are busy creating amazing, original work in the art studio and in their classes. Pottery, 3-D printing, paintings, pinatas, and custom-printed apparel are just a few examples. There are no limits to what the students can dream up. 

This semester, in addition to drawing, painting, pottery, and 3D printing, students have the opportunity to engage in animation and game design as well as utilize our laser engraver/cutter to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Please ask your student what they have been working on in the studio. They may surprise you with some neat project ideas and some funny stories to boot. 

Bellcate Student – Artist Spotlight, RJ.

RJ is a prolific artist who sketches his ideas daily. He is known for his experimental style with a strong work ethic and follow-through on technically challenging pieces. He has learned to change his problem-solving approach depending on the media. Most recently he designed and made a custom pottery mug as a gift (above). 

One of his ceramic pieces (below) was shown at the ArtHop in Burlington last fall and was subsequently purchased, making RJ a bonafide working artist. Congratulations RJ!

In addition to his efforts in the studio and at school, RJ works at a local grocery store helping customers. In his spare time, RJ enjoys his pets, gaming, and spending time with friends. 

Bellcate Staff Artist Spotlight

Callie, a former Bellcate student-artist, now staff and budding entrepreneur has artwork on display at UVM’s Dudley Davis Student Center in Burlington. Part of Inclusive Arts Vermont’s statewide traveling exhibition, Masked. 

Her piece, “Me and My Dog” is also available in greeting card form for purchase from her small business, Sweet Greets. 

Her shirt design “How We Treat Each Other Matters” is also for sale on the Bellcate School Dog treats website. Way to go Callie!!

Find her on Instagram: calliesweetgreets for updates and contact info. 

Masked at The University Of Vermont’s Dudley H. Davis Center: Feb. 1 thru March 31! 

Venue Information

  • Accessibility info is on this website.
  • Masked will be on the 4th floor
  • Hours: 

Monday – Friday: 7am – 12am

Saturday: 8am – 12am

Sunday: 10am – 12am

Fish Art Contest

Call for submissions for the Vermont fish and game art contest due at the end of February. There are several Bellcate art students working on fishy artwork to submit. AK’s trout above is an excellent example. 

For more info, visit or contact me directly –  [email protected]

General Burlington Area Arts Events and Info:

I will continue to publish monthly updates, so if you have any art-related news, contests, or collaborations; email [email protected]. Kanrad Lasher – Bellcate Visual Arts