In January of 2017, the State of Vermont put out a challenge to it’s Independent Schools. The challenge was to create a video representing their school, its uniqueness, and celebrating the alternative and independent school culture. The catch was, it had to be less than ten minutes and in the style of The Mannequin Challenge. For those who may not be familiar with this, individuals represent scenarios by freezing in place and being filmed live, without stopping the recording.

The challenge comes from creating difficult or elaborate poses, mixed with holding still and appearing to be mannequins. Bellcate School decided to take on this challenge. We identified many of our programs and decided how we’d represent them.

We gathered as a community and everyone received their scenario assignments. We spoke to the community about working together and how everyone’s participation being valued and needed. Our staff and students demonstrated great focus and determination in telling the Bellcate story through this challenge.

We submitted our Mannequin Challenge video and WE WON! Representatives of our school were invited to Montpelier for a viewing party and to receive our $5,000 prize. We hope you enjoy watching our Mannequin Challenge video and seeing a little sneak peak into the culture and programming of Bellcate School.

Thanks for watching. Click HERE to watch the video