On December 10th, four Bellcate student-athletes took to the pool at Saint Michael’s college to compete in the 2017 Special Olympic Holiday Games. Bellcate has not had an aquatics team in over 5 years, but the team of Marissa, Abdullahi, Kade, and Marcus put an end to that this year. While all competing in at least two events, the four avid swimmers each earned at least one medal throughout the day. “The kids really came prepared and ready to swim” explained Bellcate’s Co-coach Chelsea Wessberg. Our head coach, Jac Treanor, coached aquatics 5 years ago, and had this to add on the event; “I was really excited to be coaching aquatics again, and these kids blew me away with their hard work and success. I couldn’t be more proud.”

In the 25 meter freestyle event, Bulldog’s basketball star Abdullahi Awayle got the the crowd going pre- race with his dance moves, then dazzled in the water, finishing third to earn a bronze medal. This was his first ever medal as a swimmer. Marissa, AKA “flipper”, came from behind in her 25 meter race to claim the silver medal in front of her friends and family who were in attendance. Marcus, treading the water ever so gracefully as we have become accustomed to seeing, medaled in both the 25 and 50 meter freestyle, earning bronze in both. Kade, coming off a strong Special O track season, finished fourth in a tough 50 meter freestyle race, but earlier in the day claimed Bellcate’s only gold medal in the 25 meter freestyle race.

Not only did the kids swim well, they also represented Bellcate in a respectable manner. Athletic Director, Jamie Moore, was at the event, and was paid a very nice compliment by one of the starters from the meet on how well our kids and coaches handled the day. “It shows a lot about how these kids have been raised by their families, and how wonderful they really are as kids. Jac and Chelsea did a great job with getting them prepared for this event, but really the praise goes to the four kids that represented their Bellcate family with pride. Go Bulldogs!”