The week before vacation Bellcate School hosted a couple of festive events to ease into break on a positive note.

First, on Wednesday, December 19 our entire community took to the movies. For several years the Essex Cinema has hosted a special Bellcate School movie viewing. This event is perfectly timed, the week before vacation during our school day. This year’s showing was The Grinch. The message perfectly aligned with our own; By opening your heart and connecting with others, true healing can take place. Jac Treanor, Bellcate’s Events Director set us up in true whoville style with bag lunches and treats. A big thanks to Jac and Essex Cinema. Our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

The week moved on and Bellcate Staffer Dawn Fortin brought Holiday Spirit once again! She hosted our 3rd Annual school wide Gingerbread Village project. On December 20 and 21, students and staff came together to build and decorate ginger bread houses for our Holiday Village.
“I love the break from classes. It’s so fun and the village is cool,” says a Bellcate Student. You really can’t go wrong with cookies, frosting, chocolate and a wide range of sweet details! More than anything though the creation of our Gingerbread Village is an opportunity for our community to take a fun break, get creative together, and share a few laughs and stories before the vacation.