Beekeeping at Bellcate is a Summer course where students learn about bees from hive to honey and the important role they play as pollinators in our food system. An estimated one third of our food requires the pollination provided by bees!

We start with the basics of bee identification within the hive and learning the difference between bees and other beneficial pollinators and insects. The students also learn about the history of beekeeping from harvesting honey in the wild to todays more modern hive methods.

Much of our time is spent in the apiary at Ravenscroft Farm tending to the bees hands-on. The students learn how to perform hive checks for the health of the bees and to identify any problems that may arise in the hive. Finding the queen bee and marking her for easy identification is always a fun game. By late summer we will hopefully be harvesting some honey which the students will spin with a manual extractor and bottle, taking the process full circle from hive to honey.


  • Gail, Parent

    ​”When you walk in the door at Bellcate it is usually a beehive of activity. There are classes going on, meals being made, artwork and schoolwork being hung in the hallways, maybe gardening going on out front. There are kids of various ages and all levels of ability/disability busy with their school tasks. It may… Read more »

    ~ Gail