"The feedback I am getting from parents is very positive. One parent recently communicated to me that the additional support and guidance she receives from our team has helped her family fully understand for the first time what steps they need to take for a positive outcome." 

~ Lisa, Parent Guide

Bellcate School has formalized our enrollment process by creating an Admissions Team dedicated to supporting students and their parents/guardians transitioning to our environment. Jesse Bell (School Administrator), Lisa Aunchman-Johnston (Parent Guide), Jeff Springer (Case Management Director), Vincent Mitchell (Student Liason) and Mary Cosgrove (Administrative Assistant) work together to ensure students and their parents/guardians are provided meaningful information, guidance and support.

Bellcate School is a highly individualized program and the admissions team takes special care related to student/family interviews, assessment, orientation and enrollment. 

Lisa and Jeff facilitate two “Introduction to Bellcate School” classes as part of our admissions process to fully support parents/guardians with understanding Bellcate School’s values, culture, expectations, therapeutic model and educational methods. This new team approach to admissions has already shown great results. Students and their families are fully prepared for the journey that lies ahead.


  • Dimi, Parent

    “Bellcate is a therapeutic school using a very specific data driven model of care, implemented by extremely creative, intelligent and caring people. Bellcate saved my family – not only serving my son, but seeing my son as part of a family that needed support. They did not apply a “cookie cutter” method to us. Jesse… Read more »

    ~ Dimi