On October 17th Bellcate School hosted our annual open house. This year’s family attendance was record breaking with 27 out 30 student families coming out. The actual numbers reached well over 200. This was an extra special turn out given the weather was not cooperative and there were torrential down pours. We even lost power twice. Bellcate families were not deterred! This year’s event had a passport theme with the goal of getting all of our attendees to each one of our locations. The families picked up their student’s schedule with a passport and map directing them to the location of each of their student’s teachers. If the family got their passport stamped by each teacher, they won a bag of Bellcate School Dog Treats at the end. “The passport idea was a big hit. This activity made it really fun for families to work together on this scavenger hunt for teachers with a special prize at the end for their efforts,” explained Jac Treanor, Bellcate School Events Director. Families started at EPIC, Bellcate’s Music, Art and Theatre space, transitioned to Lily’s gym, our Athletics, Recreation and Community space and ended at our main facility. Teachers and students worked hard leading up to this event to show case their work through a wide range of creative presentations. Students Jordan and Dylan, facilitated a Dog Treat demonstration baking numbers of treats to a captive audience throughout the night. Students at Bellcate School are supported to work on academic, personal development and transition/life skills goals in highly accommodated environments that provide scaffolding, skills development and the transfer of skills across settings.

“My son was just not okay when he first started. He was isolated, out of control and had no social skills. Tonight I am overwhelmed by his progress and truly grateful that a place like this really exists. My son now has friends, he is learning how to regulate more and more everyday, he has developed real vocational skills and he now has a community internship where he is valued,” reflected Julie, A Bellcate Parent. Throughout the evening families shared many moments of pride and hope for their children’s current accomplishments and future. With Open House successfully in the scrapbook of positive memories, it is on to new Bellcate adventures and achievements for the start of Quarter 2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up!