Last year I set out on a mission to make our Bulldog home basketball games as enjoyable as possible for everyone in attendance. In doing so, I locked in two Bellcate musicians to perform the National Anthem before the game, and another student to get the crowd up on its feet with a awesome halftime show. I quickly realized that there was no American flag hanging in the Essex Alliance Church. So I set out on a mission to figure out a solution for this problem. What I found was, Aiden!

Aiden had been coming to Bellcate sporting events for years now, having watched his older brother, Jesse, play multiple sports as a Bulldog. When I asked Aiden if he would help me out and be the flag bearer at our home games, he was a little reluctant at first. “Yeah, let me think about that one” he said. The next day, Aiden came into school and pulled me aside and said, “Yeah, I’ll do that for ya, Jamie!”

A few weeks later, Bellcate hosted Winooski High School at the Essex Alliance Church for their home opener of the season. Aiden arrived to the game about 20 minutes before tip off. He came and found me, and I gave him instructions for being our honorary flag bearer. After DJ Jeff Springer announced both teams, Aiden, with pride in his veins and a smile on his face, walked out to center court with his country’s flag dangling from the pole in which he held. With his good friend, Johnny, singing the anthem, Aiden held the flag proudly throughout the anthem, as the packed crowd shined their eyes on him with love in their hearts.

“Watching Aiden hold the flag with such pride is my favorite part of every Bellcate basketball game,” a Bellcate fan said. “Having a son in the service, the anthem means a lot to me, and Aiden does his job with such pride and joy.” she added.

Aiden has held the flag at every Bulldog home game since last year. Recently, he even came to the game just to hold the flag, and had to race out right after to go to a welding class he is taking. From myself and everyone else who attends a Bellcate home basketball game, we thank you Aiden for your dedication and pride to our school, and country! Go Bulldogs!

Jamie Moore, Athletic Director