Jesse, Kade, Ashwil, Raven, and Angie get ready for a busy (chilly) day at Wag It Forward!

On October 6, Bellcate School Dog Treat Business participated as a vendor at the 3rd Annual Wag it Forward Festival For Pets. The festival aligns perfectly with Bellcate School’s animal positive values as it is a Pet Food Warehouse sponsored event that benefits nonprofit animal welfare groups. “A special thank you to Ginny for fitting us in. With over 120 animal loving vendors and organizations this event is a great opportunity for collaboration and exposure to a community of people who I know will get behind our product and mission,” explains Chelsea Wessberg, Bellcate School Dog Treat Coordinator. Even with the unseasonably cold weather and wind, everyone still came out with a true Vermont spirit of community. “It was a great day for us. Many Bellcate School staff, students and family members dropped by to help us spread the word about our growing business,” commented Jesse Bell, Bellcate School Administrator. One young man, Colby Fitzpatrick came to the event still dressed in his track suit, sporting 1 Gold Medal and 2 Bronze after participating earlier in the day at a Special Olympics event in St Albans. This demonstrates genuine school spirit and dedication. Our Bellcate School Dog Treat reps handed out samples, sold dog treats, facilitated a couple of fun games at our booth and connected with numbers of organizations and community members who are invested in our vision of Good Jobs, Good Treats! A big thank you to Pet Food Warehouse for putting on this event and a shout/bark out to all of our new friends! We look forward to seeing you on the events trail and in the stores. “I really like doing this,” said Kade, Bellcate Student. “Everyone loves that we are here!”