Bellcate School wants to send a Big Thank You to Kim Scofield at Purple Sage in Essex for donating time for our students at her FANTASTIC Himalayan Salt Cave. “It was Totally Amazing,” exclaimed Bellcate Student, Hanna. “It was so calming and relaxing. I really loved it.” On February 21st the Bellcate Yoga class was welcomed by Kim at Purple Sage to enjoy a 45 minute salt cave session. Kim met our 8 students and 3 staff at the door and instantly made us feel welcome. “Kim was informal and cool and immediately put our students at ease,” commented Bellcate Director, Jesse Bell. Kim proceeded to explain the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Cave experience highlighting its potential benefits for anxiety, depression, attention challenges as well as for respiratory issues. The salt cave itself is beautiful. Once the huge Mahogany doors opened, students were noticeably in awe at the 20 thousand pounds of Himalayan salt from floor to ceiling. “This is So Awesome,” shared Dakota. “I have literally never seen anything like this in my life.” The students were quickly engaged in learning all about the environment as we all changed into white socks, grabbed cozy blankets and found a reclining chair to relax in. At this point Kim explained that we just needed to relax and enjoy while nature music complimented the whole experience. “I don’t think I have ever seen our students so completely at peace. The lack of fidgeting and commentary was incredible to witness,” said Bell. “The students were calm, still and completely silent for 45 minutes. All of them!” When Kim finally came to get us we were all surprised it had already been 45 minutes. “Time flies when you are calm,” commented Ashel, Bellcate Youth Mentor. The whole experience was also super blissful for staff. “I don’t think I have been this calm in weeks,” said Matt Andrews. “I will definitely return with my friends.” Kim escorted us out in the same way we were welcomed; with a smile and a generous spirit. “This whole experience has far exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful our students had this opportunity. These therapeutic moments are invaluable,” said Bell. Again, A Big Thanks to Kim and Purple Sage.