Bellcate School Dog Treat business selects one student per month and one student per quarter to recognize their stand out job performance and contribution. It’s official! All of the nominations were submitted and the votes were tallied. Dylan Champine has received this quarter’s highest award for his individual effort and teamwork at BSDT. Dylan has fully invested himself in learning every aspect of this business – mixing, baking, packaging, labeling as well as sales and marketing. “Dylan is a detail guy. He sees things that other people do not and he has a natural talent for sales and marketing,” explains Jesse Bell, Bellcate School Administrator. Dylan has played a significant role in preparing BSDT for our first big trade show in Orlando, Florida. He helped with booth design, video development, marketing materials and much more. “ I have come to rely on Dylan’s knowledge base and consistent execution with a wide range of tasks,” states Saben Littlefield, Bellcate School Operations Director. “He is credible and staff and students look to him for guidance and good ideas.”

Dylan has not only received the award of “employee of the quarter,” he has also been selected as the official Student Representative for Bellcate School Dog Treats. “I feel honored for being chosen as the student representative. I love what this company has become and I’m excited to be a part of the growth of this company moving forward! I strongly stand behind the mission and love coming to work each day not only to do a job, but to support my peers in meaningful employment skill development. I’m here to stay!”