Recently, Bellcate School Dog Treats (BSDT) has created a collaboration with a charity program called Paws 4 Survival. BSDT was looking for a rescue charity to donate our seconds to (still delicious and nutritious), and they found Paws 4 Survival. Now, what is Paws 4 Survival? Paws 4 Survival is a non-profit organization that is “dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Puerto Rican street dogs and cats.”1 Paws 4 Survival is located in Massachusetts, with shelters all over New England. The President’s husband is from a small town in Puerto Rico called Arroyo. In this town, there are street dogs and cats lining every street. This is a large portion of the reason Paws 4 Survival is focusing their resources in this area. In 2016, they rescued 150 dogs and 235 cats from the harsh conditions of Puerto Rico. We asked Saben, the Bellcate School operations director, what it meant to him that BSDT was making this partnership with Paws 4 Survival. He said, “I love that we are partnering with an organization who is working hard to care for and keep animals safe in their community.” Recently, on February 3rd, BSDT made their first shipment of 15 pounds of dog treats to Paws 4 Survival. They were receptive and thankful, and look forward to working with BSDT in the future.
1. DiPaolo, Nicole. “About Paws4Survival Rescue.” Paws 4 Survival, Accessed 4 Feb. 2020.