Bellcate School Dog Treats is Bellcate School’s own dog treat business that started in the Fall of 2018 – stemming from Jesse Bell (Administrator) and Alex Rocheleau (Transitions Director) brainstorming how Bellcate School could break into the small business area. The students jumped right in and started planning what was needed to start a business. Classes included recipe research, baking, and business research. With support from teachers, students are able to have a say in what goes on within the company daily. Through this daily development, Chelsea Wessberg helped students create treat recipes that are safe for dogs to eat, as well as providing a well-rounded nutritional treat. Currently, the company has sold over 60 bags to various community members and Bellcate families at basketball games, local businesses, and at school. We hope to start selling our treats in local pet stores and more local businesses starting in the Spring of 2019. We are awaiting our nutritional test results from the state to gain access to be able to sell in pet stores. The top three treat flavors are: Pumpkin, Apple, Cheese Bites; Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bites; and Carrot, Beet, Spinach, Apple, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Bites. The students’ have come up with 12 treat flavors that vary in color and ingredients. Currently, we are selling 4oz dog treat bags for $5.00 a bag and all profits go to Bellcate Athletics.

Bellcate School Dog Treats are tested and approved by a wide range of satisfied dogs. They are made with all-natural ingredients and are nutritious and delicious! All dog treats are baked and packaged by students at Bellcate School located in Essex Jct., VT. Each package may vary in shapes and sizes of treats. Our students are unique, and so are our treats. The company employs people with disabilities, so knowing all this, why would you ever look elsewhere for tasty treats! Treats are currently being sold at Bellcate Bulldog Basketball games, other school events, and soon to be sold on our website and in local stores. Please let Chelsea Wessberg know if you have any questions about our products or if you know a business you feel would be perfect to sell our treats at.

To buy treats or for other Bellcate School Dog Treat Business inquiries please email [email protected]