For the past couple of years Bellcate School has been very connected to the mission and content of Ever Widening Circles (EWC) and EWC-Ed. Lynda and Chuck Verderber first started the parent website EWC in response to the constant barrage of negative focused news in the world. Their goal was simple- to publish articles and curate videos to remind us all that this is still an amazing world! EWC-Ed was born from their daughter, Liesl’s inspiration to create an educational web platform with the same agenda. Bellcate School students participated last year as a focus group for this project and now EWC-Ed is an important part of our curriculum and classes.

So fast forward to now and Lynda, Chuck and Liesl are at it again! They are doing what they do best; thinking critically and creatively and sharing their resources and inspiration with anyone who will listen and become involved. They have started a movement called #Conspiracyofgoodness to highlight the ways, big and small, people are doing good in the world. It’s Brilliant! The idea is to spread the word when you see good and kind things happening in the world. Who can argue with that? So, we didn’t! Bellcate School immediately got on board. We built #Conspiracyofgoodness into the structure of our day. In each transition zone, where students change classes there is a box with a slotted top. Students can follow 3 simple steps.

  1. Think of an amazing piece of news (Bellcate, local, global).
  2. Write the news on the slip provided.
  3. Put the slip in the box to share at assembly.

Each week the amazing news is collected and shared at our community lunch assembly. So far, it has been an uplifting addition to our culture. Everyone enjoys hearing all of the positive things happening in our school, in our communities and in our world. A special thank you to Lynda, Chuck and Liesl for reminding us that whatever we give attention and energy to grows. To learn more about #conspiracyofgoodness and to become a part of growing something we can all feel proud of, please visit